Welcome to Shenyang

One of China's premier tourist cities, Shenyang is well known as a historical city with important links to Chinese culture. Natural and historical attractions combine to provide an enjoyable travel experience.

Attractions listed as World Heritage

 Mukden Palace - Shenyang Imperial Palace
The first on the must-go attractions list of Shenyang is the Mukden Palace. This palace is the second only to the Forbidden City in the extent of its preservation in Beijing.

 Zhaoling Tomb (North Mausoleum)
Construction on this 350-year-old structure began in 1643. Zhaoling Mausoleum combines both Manchu and Han architectural characteristics.

 Fuling Mausoleum
Begun in 1629, Fuling Mausoleum is a typical imperial tomb built in a traditional style. This magnificent tomb, which was finished in 1651, has been well maintained.

Other Things to Do

 Qipanshan Scenic Area
Located in the eastern part of Shenyang City, Qipanshan Scenic Area consists of three main hills, a beautiful lake and other amazing natural sights. It is a very good place to experience a real winter, because Qipanshan Scenic Area is the home of the Shenyang International Ice & Snow Festival.

  Shenyang Glacier Zoological Paradise
The paradise is located at the Mt. Qipanshan Forest Wild Animal Zoo, having an area of 240 hectares. It is a new-brand theme park, where travelers and animals can join for fun. 

  The Strange Slope Scenic Area (Guaipo)
If you stop a car at the foot of this slope, you will be surprised to find that the car will roll up to the top of the slope without any outside force. If you ride a bike, you will deeply sense the uniqueness of this slope. The bike will quickly slip to the top without pedaling, while you have to ride hard to get from the top to the bottom of the slope.

 Botanical Garden
More than 1,700 kinds of plants, including azaleas and tulips, can be found in Shenyang Botanical Garden. Some of the flower exhibitions held every year in the garden are the tulip exhibition in May, the peony exhibition in June, and the lily exhibition in July. It's an excellent place to enjoy the arrival of spring and the site for the 2006 International Horticultural Exposition.

 Shenyang Xinglong Indoor Park
The amusement park is located in the city center area and it is the only indoor green garden and entertainment park in the city.

 Meteorite Mountain Park
This attraction is the place to see meteorites. The heaviest one, which fell to earth about 1.9 billion years ago, weighs about 2,000,000 tons and is thought to be 4.5 billion years old, making it the oldest meteorite in the world.

 Shenyang West Lake
Shenyang West Lake is located in Qiandangbu Town of Xinmin City, about 40km (25mi) from Shenyang city center. Though not as famous as the West Lake in Hangzhou, it is also a poetic land endowed with natural beauty and unique charm.

Covering an area of almost 667 ha, one-fifth of which is covered water lilies, this vast lake presents unaffected scenery, making you feel fresh and relaxed. Countless reeds extend far into the distance, interspersed with masses of pink water lilies. Reed catkins are as white as snow flakes. Boating among the water lilies brings you great joy. All the pleasant view wins the honor of No. 1 Water Lilies Town in China.

Like a huge emerald, the lake is green and clear. You can watch fish swim delightedly in the water. In summer, the light pink water lilies bloom all over the lake and send out a delicate fragrance with the gentle breeze. Sitting in the pavilion on the zigzag bridge, you will feel as if transported to the poetic watery villages on the southern bank of the Yangtze River.

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